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Dengemarsh Sound Mirrors

The Dengemarsh Sound Mirrors. Developed in the 20's and 30's as a form of early warning for approaching aircraft these are the best example of the three different types of mirror built. Now listed and protected by English Heritage.

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The Virtual Tour of The Zanzibar Hotel is now available for iPad and iPhone. These have been created using IOSVR and they are specific to those devices of course and trying to open them from a PC will redirect to the main Flash webpage. and

IOSVR is a really good solution to the lack of Flash capability on Apple devices and delivers an outstanding experience for users. The interface is totally customizable and can include video and audio content.

Latest update of Virtual Tour for iPad

Just updated the Virtual Tour of The Zanzibar Hotel for iPads with the latest version of IOSVR. Now includes swiping to see slideshow and other improvements. This will of course only work on an iPad! It auto redirects to the main website when viewed on a PC.